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Human Resource Management. Motivation. Maslow.

Motivation- Having the will or desire to go ahead and do something or to work that little bit harder. Why we need motivation? Motivation may come from a person’s own interest such as their safety or other things not so personal like praise or reward. Different theorists have proposed that there are many different ways to motivate people. Pay is considered a main type of motivation in a work environment and outside a work environment. Pay however is not the only way of motivation.There are other ways that people may be motivated and things that will keep them motivated. These types of things are appreciation of work, opportunity to advance, responsibility and empowerment, a sense of achievement and the sense of challenge and enjoyment. A motivated workforce will work harder and together achieve more resulting in the whole workforce having a greater output in much less time, resulting in lower labour costs. It also doesn’t need much supervision. An unmotivated workforce w ill do the opposite.This work affects the amount of work and its quality. How to motivate is a difficult topic with everyone looking for something in a job sometimes not just pay. So a number of theorists have researched how this should be done. Frederic Taylor motivation in the late 1800s at the Bethlehem steel company in the USA. He believed that employees could be working more efficiently using their shovels. He figured out that 21. 5 pounds of weight was the best weight of material for an employee to lift in order to work at their full potential creating the best output.He recommended that they use shovels that could lift that amount. So Rewards that would be part of Taylor’s theory are things such as: * Pay :-For many employees the reason they go to work is for pay. They need money for bills and other expenses involved in everyday life. Some organisations will use pay as a reward for employees. They may be given additional pay in the form of a one off bonus or by giving employees a pay rise. However pay not be the key motivator to employees and some employees will work for low pay but may have job satisfaction.Tesco uses this form of reward to all employees. * Performance related pay :- This is a way for employees to be rewarded dependent on their performance in the last three, six, or twelve months. Lots of types of businesses use this type of reward and so will Tesco to its higher job roles such as management and so on. It is very common for manufacturing and sales jobs where the more products or sales the employees make the more they are paid. Area managers at Tesco will be paid more if their area is performing faster and of a higher standard. Profit sharing :- Profit sharing is when a business gives its employees a share of the businesses profits depending on how well the business is doing. Shares are divided between employees depending on how many years the employee has worked at the organisation and their level in the organisation. If the bus iness is doing well the employees will see great benefits but if the business isn’t doing too well the payment will be small. Tesco will once again offer this to much higher staff such as managers and directors. * Employee Share options – Share options, like profit sharing are a way to reward employees based on a company’s performance. Share options can be given to employees free shares that they can sell after a set period of time or as an option to buy shares at a lower fixed rate than what the general public would pay. It can be quite difficult for employees to see how their individual commitment will affect the overall running and company performance. * Staff discounts :-Businesses such as Tesco and other businesses in this type of sector may offer discounts on products to their staff. Elton Mayo.In the 1920s and 30’s a theorist by the name of Elton Mayo set out about perfecting the ideas of Taylor and explored them in further depth he realised there was more to employee motivation than just pay. He created a study known as the Hawthorne Study, he carried out some experiments in the USA, Chicago to investigate motivation further. His study discovered a number of factors by testing incentive schemes, rest periods, hours of work, and changes in lighting and heating. Mayo’s whole study uncovered that rises in productivity were not only due to financial rewards, but also due to management involvement, team working and communication.So Rewards that would be part of Mayo’s theory are things such as: * Company Vehicles :- Company vehicles may be given to employees as a reward. They can use these vehicles in both their working and their personal lives and do not need their own vehicles for evenings and weekends. This kind of benefit like bonuses is taxed. Higher employees in Tesco may receive a company car this is good for both employee and employer, because the employee feels a sense of belonging and the employer will usu al have free advertisement because the company car will have the logo of the organisation just like Tesco’s does. Childcare :- childcare is another reward that employers may offer to their staff. The childcare may be within the building with something like a nursery or creche, whilst other employees may pay toward the fees of a private or council nursery. For older children after school activities or holiday clubs may be paid for or subsided Tesco offers childcare schemes to most Tesco staff. * Corporate clothing :- Corporate clothing may be a uniform that an employee wears during their working hours as part of their job. Employers might also offer their staff a discount on clothing they can buy from the business.Some organisations use staff as Part of their identity, for example you can recognise staff from Tesco by their work apparel. * Flexible working :- Organisations like Tesco can offer employees special working hours which can be more motivating for staff helping them balance their working lives and their personal life. Work –Life balance can be very important to employees, especially if they have people to take care of or other personnel commitments. Flexible working hours usually makes employees feel more valued and less stressed. * Leave – offering yearly paid leave to employees is another form of a reward that is offered by Tesco. As of the 1st of April 2009 every full time employee is entitled to 5. 6 weeks paid leave per year as part of the working time regulation. * Cafeteria incentive schemes :- The name is a reference to the way you can pick what you want from a selection of different rewards and benefits and chose the ones they want. Making these rewards more personnel and motivating. The employer therefore, avoids spending money on rewards that are not wanted or needed. A sample of the type of benefits offered is things such as: Holidays * Company car * Bicycle loan * Insurance, e. g. medical cover * Loans * Childcare * H ealth screening * Season tickets for sporting events * Computers * Discounts * Pensions. Abraham Maslow suggested needs of individuals can be ranked into a hierarchy. The lowest ranking needs are basic needs and they must be fulfilled before any other needs can be fulfilled So Rewards that would be part of Maslow’s theory are things such as: * Pension schemes :- Some organisations like Tesco offer pension schemes such as rewards to employees these are usually one of two types.Contributory and non contributory. A contributory pension scheme is one that both the employee and employer put into, whilst a non-contributory pension scheme is one where only the employer puts money in to. Tesco employees all have the option of opening a contributory pension scheme they can open but also have the choice not to have one. * Health care :- many employers offer free or subsided health care to their employees and often their families as well. This means that if they are ill they can claim f rom organisations such as BUPA to have treatment privately.Health care may be given in the form of discount vouchers for treatments such as massages or beauty therapy. * Extended parental leave :- Extended parental leave is the amount of leave that can be taken by employees to look after their children in addition to what they are entitled to by law so tesco must offer leave however they also offer extended parental leave to higher management or skilled staff. – the work and families act 2006 ensures that all parents can take a certain number of weeks off work however it is not paid and neither is extended parental leave.But some employees may choose to pay full wage or half wage to employees who are taken leave and the organisation must keep their job position open for them until they return. * Career Breaks :-Employees are not entitled to a career break and they are also unpaid. They cannot also be guaranteed that once they return they will be placed in the exact same Job. Some organisations such as Tesco can offer these types of breaks because they may also bring benefits to the organisation.Key staffs are not lost, employees may return to work refreshed and happier and therefore more motivated also the organisation is seen to be caring for the well being of their employees. It is more common for employees over the age of 35 to take a career break rather than younger employees. * Salary Sacrifice schemes :- These schemes enable employees to give up some of their gross salary to receive a form of a reward or benefit instead. The advantage of using this scheme is that the employee or employer will not have to pay as much tax or national insurance.Tesco can offer salary sacrifice schemes to all levels of employees for example the options for floor staff to have a pension scheme or not. Frederick Herzberg Frederick Herzberg had close links with Maslow and believed in a two factor theory of motivation. He argued that there were certain factors that a busi ness could introduce that would motivate employees to work harder, these are called motivators. But on the other hand there were also factors that would de-motivate an employee these are called hygiene factors So Rewards that would be part of Herzberg’s theory are things such as: * Bonuses -Bonuses can be a god way of rewarding employees with extra money. When they are paid a bonus this doesn’t have to be done every year. They are a reward that many employees like to receive however bonuses like pay do require tax and national insurance to be paid. Other forms of rewards that tesco do not offer but could are things such as * School Fees :- some employers will offer to cover or contribute to school fees as areward to the employee. This happens especially if the employee teaches or works for the school that their child attends.If an employer had a number of employees that’s children went to a particular school the employee may be able to gain a discount. Loans/ ad vances :-sometimes employees may have large expenses they have to pay for in their personal life so employers may offer part of their future wages (an advance) to be paid in to their account. Employers may also offer loans, often with a special low rate interest. * Mortgage subsides :- mortgage subsides are payments that are given to employees to pay toward their mortgages.This reward scheme is usually used in areas where the housing is very expensive. Some organisations such as banks offer mortgage subsiders as part of their employee’s benefits. * Relocation Fees :- A relocation fee is the money that is paid to relocate an employee as part of their new or current job. There is no automatic right to receive relocation fees and some organisations will willingly pay for all expenses. This option will be placed on the type of position that the employee has in the organisation and how long they have worked for the organisation.

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People being Taken against Their will in Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking – Politics The act of smuggling humans is an act that’s against the law, but it’s still being performed today. Although the government has been trying to stop human trafficking, it still an act that is going to most likely take years to nullify, since some victims fall for false hopes given to them by contractors, and some are sequestrated against their will. According to the U.S. State Department and the United Nations International Labor Organization – an estimated 2 and a half million individual generate thirty – two million dollar in profits every year. Siddharth Kara is an expert in economics and on human trafficking of Harvard University stated that even though roughly 4 % percent of the world’s slaves today are traffic sex slaves, they generate closely up to 40 % percent of the profits. So far, commercial sex trade is the segment mostly seen in modern slavery based on CNBC. And also, underage girls around Tijuana, whi ch is around a Mexican territory, are given false I.D.’s stating them as grown adults. Human trafficking for sex labor is a 28 billion dollar a year global industry. Human trafficking is now happening in Tampa Bay. The smuggling of humans takes an estimated 9 billion dollar in profits each year, and Florida falls in the top 3 destinations states for human trafficking. Kathlyn M. Mackvjack, a super attorney from the Immigration Unit Gulf coast Legal Services, stated that â€Å"sophisticated human traffickers useShow MoreRelatedThe Human Of Human Trafficking Epidemic1448 Words   |  6 PagesThe Human Trafficking Epidemic Introduction Dai is a victim of human trafficking. She became a victim when she met a military man and fell in love. He then convinced her to to move to a remote location with him. She agreed and once she got there, she was beaten and raped. She was eventually able to escape, but the man had taken all of her forms of identification. This meant that she was unable to really get any help or start a new life. From there she became a street walker to help make money soRead MoreThe Trafficking Of Human Trafficking1061 Words   |  5 Pagesin the world today. Unfortunately due to trafficking being a fast growing crime it is very difficult to identify and locate these organizations and victims. Although there are many groups created to support victims, not enough awareness is being made and not enough action is being applied to stop human trafficking. Sex trafficking is a form of human trafficking that has been a worldwide issue since ancient times, but regularly forgotten, due to it being almost an impossible to fix dilemma. SinceRead MoreHuman Trafficking : The Illegal Act Of Trading Humans1157 Words   |  5 PagesTH 2pm Final Draft Human trafficking is the illegal act of trading humans for any type of forced behavior, such as prostitution or labor. It is estimated by the United Nations that four million people around the world are victims of human trafficking each year. This global issue needs to be better controlled by foreign and domestic cooperation and awareness. One of the most important things to know about human trafficking is the different forms. While sexual human trafficking is the most commonRead MoreHuman Trafficking Is The Modern Form Of Enslavement1267 Words   |  6 PagesInitiatives on Human Trafficking Almost two centuries after the 16th President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, a new type of slave trade has taken possession of the lives of many human beings worldwide. Human trafficking is the modern form of enslavement. It includes the purchasing and selling of individuals for forced labor or sexual abuse. This new type of enslavement of human beings is evident all around the world. Additionally, the number of enslaved victims today is surpassingRead MoreEssay about Human Trafficking in the United Kingdom1457 Words   |  6 PagesHuman trafficking is not just a part of our history; it is continuously growing around the world today because of traffickers who are using it as an easy way to make a profit. Victims of human trafficking feel as if they have no way to escape because they have limited ways to survive or make a good enough living to support themselves along with their families outside of the sex industry. Women, children and even men from time to tim e are taken before they get the opportunity to receive little ifRead MoreProtecting The Victims Of Human Trafficking Essay1676 Words   |  7 Pages Protecting the Victims Most people confuse the term human trafficking with human smuggling. Human smuggling is business transaction between two willing parties involving movement across borders, usually by illegal means. Human trafficking is the illegal movement of people, typically for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation. According to the Global Rescue Relief website, â€Å"The United States Department of State estimates that 800,000 women, children and men are internationallyRead MoreHuman Trafficking Is A Global Phenomenon902 Words   |  4 PagesIn a world with a little over 6 billion people, 27 million of them suffer from the injustice of human trafficking. Freedom. It s the thing we as all human being s strive for in life. The one thing we should all be promised when put into this world. To think that slavery is something that is over and done with would be an ignorant statement. Slavery is still happening at this very moment, just under our noses. When we think o f slavery we recall the African American slave trade that had presumablyRead MoreHuman Trafficking : A Dangerous Crime1634 Words   |  7 PagesHuman trafficking is the quickest increasing criminal industry currently in society and is a dark human behavior that has been going on since the beginning of history. The trafficking of human beings for forced slave labor and sexual exploitation is a horrendous crime that takes advantage of one throughout the illegal trading and forced labor of all types of people People trafficking forces millions of people going against their will and having to take part in prostitution, beg and complete hardRead MoreHuman Trafficking : Modern Day Slavery1531 Words   |  7 PagesHuman trafficking is modern day slavery that occurs with both genders of all ages. Human trafficking occurs mostly in poorer countries like Asia, and Eastern Europe and isn t solely sexual slavery; the victims can be used for labor purposes also. Organizations like Shared Hope International and Coalition Against Trafficking in Women fight to rescue the victims of human trafficking. These organizations spread the dangers of human trafficking through education and public awareness. Often times traffickingRead MoreHuman Trafficking Is A Serious Crime And An Unrefined Violation Of Human Rights1578 Words   |  7 PagesTrafficking in human beings is a serious crime and an unrefined violation of human rights. It is often linked to organized crime and is one of the most profitable criminal activities worldwide (Access to European Union Law, 2014). There are many different forms of human trafficking, and they progress with changing socioeconomic circumstances. It targets women and men, girls and boys in vulnerable positions (Trafficking in Human Beings, 2013). The International Labor Organization in June of 2012 covering

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Effects of False Memories Essay examples - 1753 Words

False memories have been the subject of many studies since Deese (1959) investigated their effects. False memories include distorting features of events and situations or recalling facts and memories that never occurred at all (Roediger and McDermott, 1995). Roediger and McDermott’ (1995), experiment based on Deese’s (1959) experiment renewed the interest in false memories and invented the Deese-McDermott-Roediger Paradigm which many studies surround. Their study focused on eliciting false memories through receiving lists of words and being asked to recall those that were present from a separate list that included a critical word that if recalled, showed presence of false memory effects. Notably many participants were sure that the†¦show more content†¦These photos either contained details about themselves, unfamiliar details or both. Their results found that the highest false memory effects occurred for those photos that contained only personal details. Photos that had both details had the overall lowest rating for a previous memory. Showing that false memories are more likely to occur when personal information is presented, but unfamiliar information hindered the process. These studies only included undergraduate students, therefore consisting mainly of young adults. This raises questions on whether results can be generalised to those in all age groups. False memory studies also directly focused on eyewitness testimonies. Gerrie, Belcher and Garry (2006) studied video clips, as they most likely reflect real-life. By omitting either crucial or non-crucial steps they tested what participants were likely to falsely recall. They found that false memory effects did occur for those shown the video with the non-crucial steps missing. These participants were more likely to fill in what was missing and falsely remember non-crucial steps in between. This was found without any external suggestions on what should occur. This can benefit eyewitness testimony as by determining what aspects of a situation are more susceptible can better determine what memories may be false. These studies have attempted to decipher how falseShow MoreRelatedThe Effects Of False Memory On Word Association1255 Words   |  6 Pages False Memory Cammie Wires George Mason University False Memory Introduction Multiple studies have been conducted that investigate false memory in humans focusing on word recall, processing and retention interval, and auditory imaging. Roediger and McDermott (1995) suggest that individuals who participated in their study are more likely to recall the critical words and lures if the list of words presented were closely associated to them. Critical lures are the tendency to recall wordsRead MoreFalse Memories are Affecting Us All Essay1596 Words   |  7 PagesIntro: What Are False Memories? Have you every specifically remembered an event such as going to a basketball game then you were reminded by someone that you didn’t go because you were sick or something. If so, you have created a false memory. The study of false memories began in the early 1990’s when people started to report â€Å"recovered† memories of abuse (Laney Loftus 1). To understand how false memories work, you first need a basic understanding of how the memory works. In general your brainRead MoreThe Security of Our Memory1201 Words   |  5 PagesMemory seems to be less secure and reliable than is popularly thought. Bartlett and other social scientists have tested the security of our memory and have accumulated significant results showing the limitations of our memory and the extent to which our abilities of recall often play us up. Bartlett, for instance, discovered that people formed memories in line with their cultural indoctrination and schemas. Following Bartletts publicized results, researchers have been interested in finding determinantsRead MoreUsing A Similar Deign And Mcdermott s False Memory Experiment Essay1423 Words   |  6 PagesThe current experiment used a similar deign as Roediger and McDermott’s (1995) false memory experiment. In this 2x2 mixed factorial designed experiment, memory was tested using a word list that was either blocked by five critical words on a particular subject or randomized. Participants were university college students who participated for course credit. There was a significant difference in false memory when the blocked vs. random lists were compared to examine which had more words rememberedRead MoreDoes Drm Effect Affect Memory?1553 Words   |  7 PagesDRM paradigm has been used to produce false memories in controlled conditions. For our project we used positive and neutral mood inductions to examine an effect on false memories using the DRM lists. Storbeck and Clore (2005) found that negative mood lead s to fewer false memories and that there is not effect of positive mood on memory. The current experiment is rested on two hypotheses: one that mood does not affect memory; therefore, accuracy will not differ between the two conditions. Second hypothesisRead MoreEssay On Caffeine1006 Words   |  5 Pagestypical cup of coffee encompasses about ninety-five milligrams of caffeine. Studies have been performed to observe the effects of caffeine and how it effects so many individuals. For an instance, some studies have discovered that the effects of caffeine may be different for some individuals depending on individual differences such as level of fatigue (Oei Hartley 2005). These effects lead people to behavioral differences between someone who’s had caffeine and someone who hasn’t. Typically peopleRead MoreFacts About The Human Brain1247 Words   |  5 PagesPsychologists are constantly researching the what, when, why, and how of various behaviors of people. One of the more popular topics in this field is memory and the different components involved in false memory in humans. A false memory occurs when a person recalls an event that never happened, or remembers an event differently from the way it happened. For the most part, our brain is a reliable source, but it does contain errors and it is easily tricked. There have been times where I have lockedRead MoreA False Memory Is The Recollection Of An Event That Never1361 Words   |  6 PagesA false memory is the recollection of an event that never occurred. Formation of false memories happens due to a variety of factors, including hypnosis, source confusion, and suggestion (Gray and Bjorklund, 2014). Another cause is simply imagining the occurrence of an event, and over time it becomes believed that this event actually happened. This phenomenon is known as the imagination inflation effect. Previous research indicated that telling individuals that an event happened to them during theirRead Mor eMandela Effect Essay705 Words   |  3 PagesHuman memory is a peculiar thing and many people question the phenomenon of false memories. A false memory is the psychological phenomenon where a person recalls something that simply did not happen. Psychologists only know a limited amount about memory and how it works, there is plenty of information out there that is a mystery to us. The Mandela Effect is a type of memory glitch that has caused a lot buzz in recent years, it’s best referred to as an instance of collective misremembering. The nameRead MoreArgumentative Essay : The Mandela Effect1112 Words   |  5 PagesMandela Effect Argumentative Paper Every journey into the past is complicated by delusions, false memories, false namings of real events. This is a quote by Adrienne Rich, and American poet, which sums up the Mandela Effect extremely well. The Mandela Effect is a complex subject with plenty of evidence, examples, theories, and witnesses. Its described as The observed phenomenon of people having clear memories of events that did not occur or misremembering significant events and facts., also

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Hiv Aids Among The Rural Population - 1803 Words

A study on the awareness about HIV-AIDS among the rural population in India Declaration I wish to certify that this capstone project titled â€Å"A study on the awareness about HIV-AIDS among the rural population in India† submitted as part of Texila American University’s MPH program is my own work, and has not been published anywhere before. Dr. K. Shankar 22/08/2014 Index Introduction --------------- 1 Objectives -------------- 2 Methodology†¦show more content†¦The human transmission of the virus has been documented during the 19th or the early 20th century. Around 75 million people are infected around the world, and around 36 million have died. The most affected region in the world is the sub Saharan Africa, where 1 in every 20 adults are living with HIV infection. (1) In India, HIV infection was first detected in the year 1986. (2) Globally, unprotected heterosexual route is the predominant route of transmission of the virus. Other modes of transmission include unprotected penetrative sex between men, injecting drug use, and unsafe blood transfusions or injections. India, now has a low prevalence of HIV, but has the third largest of people living with HIV/AIDS. Most of the infections occur through heterosexual contact. The rest of the infection occurs among Homo sexual (men having sex with men), IV drug users etc. The epidemic appears to have stabilised in most regions of the globe. But it continues to increase in some parts of Asia due to high rates of infections. In India, there is a steady decline in the number of AIDS related mortality since 2004, when the free Anti retro viral (ART) program was launched in the country.( 3) With the establishment of NACO (National Aids Control Organisation) in India, there has been a significant improvement in the country. There has been an overall reduction in the HIV prevalence in the country. This reduction in the prevalence varies between different states. The

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Classical Literature for the Great Gatsby-

Question: Discuss about the Classical Literature for the Great Gatsby. Answer: The Great Gatsby I think that The Great Gatsby of F. Scott Fitzgerald is not only one of the popular novels not only of the American Literature but also of the world. The novel in my view intends to give an overview of The Great American and its subsequent corruption. The novel revolves round the central character Gatsby and his requited love for Daisy Miller. I believe that all the actions of Gatsby are directed towards gaining back the love and the affection of Daisy. The most important lines of the novel are So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. This particular line of the novel is articulated by the narrator of the novel Nick who seeing the passion of Gatsby for the tinsel Goddess and the ultimate fate with which the love for his tinsel Goddess meets with. I think that the novel not only tries to show the corruption of The American Dream but also it tries to portray the overarching condition of the human beings in the present day scenario. In the present day world the human beings are the victims of the modern tragedy and therefore they cannot achieve the things which their heart most desires. Therefore, in the novel the character Gatsby inspite of doing all the hard work and even sacrificing his life for the idea in which he believes in cannot achieve the one thing for which he has worked his entire, that is, the love and the affection of Daisy. Therefore, it can be said that in the present day world the human beings are only offered a glimpse of the things which their heart most desires but they cantor achieve the thing which their heart most desires. It is a reflection of this that all his life Gatsby works for the achievement of the thing which his desires the most and even though it comes within the finger tips of his hands yet he cannot achieve it. Thus, I think that the novel more than any other novel of the period tries to show this particular nature of the modern world through the unrequited love of the central character of the novel Gatsby for his tinsel Goddess Daisy. The above quoted line Nick the narrator of the novel are a reflection of this particular fact and in a way the line seeks to give an overview of the entire theme of the novel. Thus, the narrator of the novel Nick says that we human beings constantly fluctuate between our past and present lives and our present lives are like a reflection of the past events of our lives. It is significant to note that this particular line of Nick can be seen in the particular context of Dantes Divina Commedia where he says that the human beings are like the ghosts of the Inferno who have no past and no future but only eternal present in which they need to struggle into. The life as well as the career of Gatsby when viewed in this particular light reveals us eful insights which are relevant for all times and all ages. Journal 2: Pride and Prejudice The novel Pride and Prejudice of Jane Austen is often considered to be one of the classics not only of the genre of women writing in English but also of the World Literature itself. The entire novel revolves round the theme of marriage which formed an important part of the 18th century England. The novel at the same time tries to show the condition of the 18th century women who were taught that the most important thing in their lives is marriage and thus from an early age they are provided training for how to be a good wife. The most significant lines of the novel are its opening line where the authors declare that It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. It is significant to note that the entire novel revolves round this particular concept. The mother of the central character of the novel Elizabeth is a very conservative and thinks that the sole ambition of a girl or a lady should be to marry a rich gentlem an. However, the protagonist of the novel Elizabeth holds different views and believes in the fact that the most important thing in a marriage should be love and not wealth. I think that in this particular novel and through the above quoted remarks Jane Austen tries to show the condition of the women fraternity in the 18th century and at the same time tries to work towards the improvement of their lot through this particular novel. It is significant to note that Austen through the character of Elizabeth tries to represent a modern woman who has the necessary strength to stand up to the subversion of the male dominated society of the 18th century England. Therefore, I believe that this particular novel of Jane Austen is a pertinent critique of the 18th century England and seeks to show the prejudices of the society of England at that particular point of time. The above quoted lines of the novel also hints towards the same idea. It is a reflection of this that throughout the novel the protagonist of the novel Elizabeth instead of focusing on the concept of wealth focuses on the concept of love within a marriage. It is significant to note that this viewpoin t of Elizabeth finds adequate support in the opinion as well as the views of her father Mr. Bennett. I personally believe that the protagonist of the novel Elizabeth is a lady whose does not belongs to the 18th century England rather she is a lady who belongs to the 21st century because of the modern views as well as the values with which the author imbues her with. It is a reflection of this particular fact that this particular character of Jane Austen stands with some of the most powerful women characters of World Literature of all times. Journal 3: To the lighthouse I personally believe that To the lighthouse is one of the most important works of the 20th century and it completely changed the landscape of the World Literature with its innovative use of the technique of the stream of consciousness. The entire focus of the novel is on the Ramsay family and their visit to the Isle of Skye which is located in the nation of Scotland in the years 1910 and 1920. I personally believe that the novel belongs to the genre of philosophical introspection and effectively uses the various modernist techniques developed by the various stalwarts of World Literature like Proust, Joyce and others. The most important lines of the novel in my personal opinion are What is the meaning of life? That was all- a simple question; one that tended to close in on one with years, the great revelation had never come. The great revelation perhaps never did come. Instead, there were little daily miracles, illuminations, matches struck unexpectedly in the dark; here was one. I personally believe that the novel is a philosophical one and tries to explore the true meaning of life. Thus, with this particular purpose the novelist uses the technique of the stream of consciousness to explore the two journeys of the Ramsay family to the Isle of Skye and the changes which their lives have undergone since the first journey which they undertook. It is significant to note that the above quoted lines are the entire fulcrum of the novel and it is around this particular question that the entire novel revolves. The novel in the true sense of the term seeks to explore this particular philosophical question and tries to answer it through the life of the Ramsay family. Journal 4: Hard Times I personally believe that the novel Hard Times is one of the masterpieces not only of the famous British author Charles Dickens but also of the world. The novel not only has literary value but social value as well and it is a reflection of this that after the release of the novel many legislations were passed which sought to improve the living conditions of the people of the nation of England who belonged to the poorer sections. It is significant to note that most of the characters, who are described in the novel belong to the poorer section of the society of the nation. The most important line of the novel is Do the wise thing and the kind thing too, and make the best of us and not the worst. I believe that the entire novel revolves round this particular line of the novel and intends to describe the helpless state of the poorer section of the society of England. However, the entire focus of the author Dickens in this particular novel can be said to be the fact that inspite of all the hardships which the poorer sections of the society of England face but the entire focus of their lives is to do the maximum amount of good to the majority of the people of the society. It is significant to note that inspite of the injustices to which the various individuals who belong to the poorer sections of the nation of England are subjected to they are not motivated by the revenge factor unlike the other people of the nation. Furthermore, the author also tells the various individuals that as human beings our sole purpose in life should be to do the things which are likely to cause the maximum amount of good to the other people. It because of the way that the poorer sections of the societ y of the nation are portrayed that the novel was instrumental in making the government of the nation think about the poorer sections of the society and implement the necessary legislations which were likely to help them in a significant way.

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modern fiction library. Tom 21. Anthology of fairy-tale fantasy Review Essay Example

modern fiction library. Tom 21. Anthology of fairy-tale fantasy Review Paper Essay on modern fiction library. Tom 21. Anthology of fairy-tale fantasy Fully aware of the fact that embarking on a path trodden by others, and even the way it is doubtful easy, yet I can not deny myself the pleasure of composing reviews well, lets say, in the style of a tank or a haiku. That is supposedly optional zarisovochka for alleged trifling matter. . Sketch in ink Notes on the cuffs kimono, yeah And then say, armor-piercing long-lasting essay in which tschishsya dissect not that the duty masterpiece, or even the whole saga and the Forest -. All the work author or genre as a whole such podhodets and merciless towards the reader, and it seems, is not always justified So, the object of attention -. the story of the Japanese writer Sake Komatsu. And the story of this size that I laid out here the whole, he would have had no one to tire. Plot? Its in principle according to great voids and the like are not present. A writer learns about the existence of terrible stories about the head of a bull. All those in the know claim that nothing worse can not be imagined. One or the other source at the mention of a mysterious narrator of bovine head begins to wrinkle, pale and covered with sweat. And with suspicious speed disappears almost jumped out of the narrative brackets. We will write a custom essay sample on modern fiction library. Tom 21. Anthology of fairy-tale fantasy Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on modern fiction library. Tom 21. Anthology of fairy-tale fantasy Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on modern fiction library. Tom 21. Anthology of fairy-tale fantasy Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Our readers attention, that is, on the lookout. It pryadaet sensitive ears and hoof digs parquet. The head of the bull? What a head that? And, we know, we know In the half-open door of the plywood breaking old Minotaur and other legal residents of this old communal our dreams of something terrible. In the background, hesitantly crumple The Man That Was Used Up by Edgar Allan Poe, Gregor Samsa in a wonderful brand new chitin carapace and Handzaburo-Horse Legs. Now the hero looks in the mirror through the mourning tulle nightmare and then we really We are frightened. and here and there. That is nothing but a t otal does not occur. In general, more than in the story absolutely nothing will happen A scary -. Will This is a rare feature of this literature -. Not saying anything directly, to drive us into the icy sweat, throw in the heat delight, tickle in the stomach, cause tears of compassion, forced to die and resurrect with laughter. And to achieve the effect is not necessarily roll seams bleeding paper meat pour dal ink tears and remove the light of day tested jokes out of the overgrown with cobwebs plinth. Yes, the famous Japanese science fiction Komatsu undoubtedly profess the principle which she brought no less famous Negro poet Pushkin: The laughter, pity, horror are three strings of our imagination, a stunning dramatic magic. Pushkin, I remember, too, said nothing about the mechanics of magic And rightly so:. On it and the magic How to.? How the hell did you do that to us, Komatsu-san? Â « Once upon a time, someone told someone nightmarish story. Maybe old woman young grandchildren. And the child was very scary And then he forgot the content, but the feeling of horror left. He began to frighten their children a bulls head. And those when the rose her and Fear went for a walk through the cities and countries. Fear, which had only one name the bulls head I walked the streets of Tokyo, and next to me walked fear. Live, tangible. And his name was Head of a bull. It beats me shiver. Who Still insane me or the people .. Â » _______________________________________ Read, dismayed and laugh here modern fiction library. Tom 21. Anthology of fairy-tale fantasy Review Essay Example modern fiction library. Tom 21. Anthology of fairy-tale fantasy Review Paper Essay on modern fiction library. Tom 21. Anthology of fairy-tale fantasy A short story by Robert A. Lafferty Seven days of horror amazing. Reading it is impossible not to smile, and sometimes not to laugh out loud. And he reminds something very bright, kind and joyful works of Bradbury. In a small American town lives a very ordinary extraordinary family. I do not know what her remarkable adults, most likely nothing but children in the amount of five pieces all good as napodbor. - A thousand devils! Cyril said -. Why, Im only three years In addition, I do not see why I should be responsible for any hydrant, even if the fire!. For example, Clarence one of the younger brothers invented Ischezatel. Tin, a pair of cardboard circles and now, the resulting device terrifies (for exactly seven days) in the whole district. Fire hydrants, which are just above mentioned, disappear one by one, just like falling Kharms grandmother. We will write a custom essay sample on modern fiction library. Tom 21. Anthology of fairy-tale fantasy Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on modern fiction library. Tom 21. Anthology of fairy-tale fantasy Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on modern fiction library. Tom 21. Anthology of fairy-tale fantasy Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Well, the story ends, all enchanting. But, more importantly, happily and without unnecessary casualties. . - Because Clarence built seven Ischezatel I can build a nine, trinadtsatidnevny, dvadtsatisemidnevny and seven-year Ischezatel I am going to build trinadtsatidnevny Ischezatel, but you need to paint the cardboard circles with blood of a little boy heart, and Cyril cried every time I tried. a deep cut. The story is filled with bright foolish childish humor. When any nesusvetitsy are created with the most serious expression on his face. And the characters give pearl worthy of the pen and tongue Show - A pound of candy How do you manage to become the mayor of this town, if you do not understand such simple things do you think, why there are lollipops The last question the mayor said -. Why did you have to break a hammer my gold watch -? Oh, said Clarissa, for dramatic effect. Truly, the mouth of a baby has spoken the truth. Why else do you want candy and radiators We strongly recommend that you read this story in order to give yourself a few minutes of fun and sunshine mood Read the story by Robert A. Lafferty?. Seven days of horror

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College Recommendation Letter - How To Approach

Letters of Recommendation for ApplicationsMost undergraduate and graduate school applications require two or three letters of recommendation. Depending on whether you are applying to an academic program or professional degree—for instance, business or law school—these letters should come from former or current professors, employers, or supervisors who are familiar with your work and performance.For academic applications, letters from teachers or professors are generally preferable to letters from employers. Admissions officers are looking to supplement their knowledge of your academic performance and aptitude—gleaned from your transcript and standardized scores—with concrete evidence that you are a dedicated and enthusiastic learner. Remember: most schools nowadays recognize the value of a dynamic, diverse student body and are thus eager to fill their spots with candidates who have been actively engaged in both academic and extracurricular activities. Thes e letters should reflect not only your participation and performance in the classroom, but also your initiative (for instance, through research projects undertaken with the professor, through leadership in group activities, and through active contribution to classroom discussions).If you are applying to a PhD program, make sure that at least two out of the three recommendations come from people within your field (or from a field that is closely related to the one you are about to enter. for instance, you might have a letter from a political scientist for an application to a PhD in Sociology, but you better have a real good reason to include a letter from your Medieval Poetry professor if you are hoping to enroll in a doctoral degree in Biochemistry).Letter of Recommendation for Job-SearchingLetters of recommendation are convenient substitutes for work references: they neatly sum up a previous or current employers perspective and allow prospective employers to avoid the sometimes awk ward and vague conversations that result from interrogating references over the phone about your strengths and weaknesses. In addition, such letters help prospective employers to skirt the difficulties of reaching a reference. Finally, they are also a great advantage for the job-seeker, because they offer concrete, credible, and readily available evidence of past accomplishments and abilities.If you have been laid off but left the company on good terms, a letter of recommendation will provide prospective employers with a credible, thorough account of why you had to leave the company—for instance, if the layoff was part of a general downsizing.